Adventurethon - Albany

07 January 2017 00:00 - 08 January 2017 00:00
Albany WA 6330, Australia

Paddling, mountain biking, off road (trail) running

Adventurethon is an adrenaline charged multisport challenge incorporating paddling, mountain biking and off road (or trail) running. Similar to a triathlon format, each Adventurethon race is off road frequenting areas like national parklands, beaches and hiking trails to enjoy spectacular scenery and experience the outdoors.

It's all about setting a big challenge for yourself. There are multiple distances to choose from so the challenge is up to the Athlete. Whether you have trained for months or just decided the week before to give it a go, it’s all about what you can put together on the day that counts. Any Adventurethon challenge can be done as an individual, tag team or side by side team to get a different experience for the day!

Adventurethon’s weekend festivals offer five events to accommodate and challenge all fitness and skill levels. Each event is off-road and adventurous by nature, ensuring a challenging and memorable experience which will be remembered well beyond the finish line, regardless of length or difficulty. Events can also be tackled individually or as a team.

  • Ultra Adventurethon - is hard-core, catering for top end endurance athletes across the sports of paddling, mountain biking and trail running as well as the mentally tough social athlete who loves a personal challenge to discover what they can muster on he day.
  • Dirty Duathon (run, ride & run) - is the perfect choice for landlovers – those wanting a mentally and physically tough challenge to rival the ultra without the paddle leg.
  • Enduro Adventurethon - is a shorter multi sport course over the same terrain, significantly reducing the paddle and run legs and slightly decreasing the bike leg. Still demanding, it can be a stepping stone from introductory to ultra events in the future or an opportunity to focus on speed without the drain of the longer distances.
  • Taste of Adventurethon - is just that… a tantalising try out of each of the three disciplines at distances that just about anyone can achieve in an hour or two. Experienced athletes can also treat it as an individual sprint course. This is also a great event for social teams, with each competitor participating in their favourite leg or conquering all three side-by-side.
  • Junior Adventurethon - encourages up and coming young athletes from 8 to 17 to have a go on their own or in a team in a closely supervised introductory but challenging event expected to last from one to two hours.

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