West Australian Mountain Bike Association (WAMBA) is the state representative body for the West Australian mountain bike community.

A volunteer organisation, WAMBA works collaboratively with key stakeholders to identify, develop and sustain mountain bike experiences in Western Australia.

And also acts as a resource for clubs looking for help on trail advocacy and grants, and co-ordinates the racing calendar.

Event Calendar

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Well, it's the end of another full and exciting State Series for both Cross Country (XCO) and Downhill (DHI).

Congratulations to all the podium winners for 2017!!

And a massive thank you to the clubs and volunteers who have worked hard to organise races that have allowed riders to be competitive and enjoy themselves - Perth MTB Club (PMBC), Dunsborough Cycling Club, Margaret River Off Road Cycling Association (MRORCA)Collie MTB Club and Peel District MTB Club (PDMBC)!!

1st - Sarah Tucknott
2nd - Carmen De Rooze
3rd - Tracey Chapman

1 - Nav Coole
2 - Robbie Rhodes
3 - Jon Gregg

1st - Roly Kyme
2nd - Benjamin Halsall
3rd - Samuel Buchanan

1 - Natalie Pearson
2 - Vilma Fitzgerald
3 - Janelle Sellers

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Looking for a challenge and have a passion for mountain biking?

Do you have an interest in and skills/ experience relevant to?

  • Communication/ Social Media

  • Club Engagement

  • High Performance

  • Participation - female, youth, general

  • Trails Development

  • Racing

Be part of the team who is helping to guide the strategic direction of WA mountain biking  


The 2017 WAMBA Annual General Meeting will be held @ 3pm this Sunday (16th July) at the Calamunnda Camel Farm, 361 Paulls Valley Road, Kalamunda. The meeting will be held in the room underneath the Camel Farm Café.

All are welcome to attend. Have a blast around the awesome Kalamunda Trails and join us afterwards.

If you wish to attend the meeting via Skype, please notify the Secretary (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) by 12pm Sunday. It will NOT be a video call – sound only.


The agenda will be:

  1. Welcome
  2. Attendance & apologies
  3. Minutes of previous AGM
  4. President’s report
  5. Treasurer’s report
  6. Special motion – vote on new WAMBA consitution
  7. Election of positions
  8. General business
  9. Close of meeting

Last year’s AGM minutes are available here - http://www.wamba.org.au/docs/WAMBA_AGM_Minutes_2016.pdf


The following apologies have been received:

  • Bryan Stevenson
  • Vilma Fitzgerald

Nominations for 2017/ 2018 WAMBA Committee

As per WAMBA’s Constitution, all current committee members cease to be committee members at the AGM and are eligible for re-election.

A massive thank you to the exiting Committee members for all their hard work and contribution towards the current state of WA mountain biking! In particular, Cathy Young and Bret Watson who were sadly unable to continue their volunteering efforts on the general committee.

The following nominations have been received for official volunteer positions:

  • President – Alex Wade
  • Vice President – Jodie Stembridge
  • Secretary – Vilma Fitzgerald
  • Treasurer – Bryan Stevenson

General Committee nominations received so far:

  • Margaret McIlroy
  • Ben Pruden
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575kms of purpose built mountain bike trails close to urban centres

  • A huge gap between supply and demand of MTB trails close to urban centres
  • Identifies 575kms of purpose built MTB trails across 24 sites
  • Creation of trail towns
  • Development to generate additional $44 million spend annually in WA and create jobs

On 5th July WestCycle, along with the Minister for the Environment the Hon. Stephen Dawson; and the Minister for Sport and Recreation, the Hon. Mick Murray, officially launched the Perth and Peel Mountain Bike Master Plan. WestCycle developed the plan in consultation with WAMBA, State Government, Local Government, Perth Mountain Bike Club, Peel District Mountain Bike Club, Kalamunda Mountain Bike Collective and the mountain bike community.

There is currently a huge gap in the balance between the supply and demand of mountain bike trails close to urban centres. The Perth and Peel Master Plan identifies 575kms of purpose built mountain bike trails across 24 sites, which stakeholders are hopeful will be the catalyst to investment.

Western Australia is well placed to become an international ‘must visit’ mountain bike destination. Plans are underway to create ‘trail towns’ across the State, which will lead to the development of 425kms of mountain bike trails.

The result of this development will generate an additional $44 million spend in Western Australia on an annual basis, create 675 jobs during construction and 222 jobs ongoing.

The plan is again testament to the coordinated approach to the development of mountain biking in Western Australia, and the enormous amount of work put in by the consultant, Common Ground Trails.

The Mountain Bike State Strategy launched in early 2015 identified the requirement for regional based master planning. The Perth & Peel Master Plan is the second of such plans to be released, with the South West Master Plan officially launched in November 2015.

The Perth and Peel Master Plan is available for download from the WestCycle website - http://westcycle.org.au/cycling-development-perth-peel-bike

The South West Master Plan is also available for download from the WestCycle website - http://www.westcycle.org.au/south-west-mountain-bike-master-plan

The 2017 Annual General Meeting of the West Australian Mountain Bike Association (WAMBA) will be held at 3:30pm on Sunday 16th July at the Calamunnda Camel Farm, 361 Paulls Valley Road, Kalamunda, Perth.

All are welcome to attend. Have a blast around the awesome Kalamunda Trails, and join us afterwards. 

The agenda will be:

  1. Welcome
  2. Attendance & Apologies
  3. Minutes of Previous Annual General Meeting
  4. President's Report
  5. Treasurer's Report
  6. Special Motion - New Constitution
  7. Election of Positions
  8. General Business
  9. Close of Meeting

All positions are up for election:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

A Call for Nominations, including position descriptions, will be sent out shortly.

All members of WAMBA, and of all affiliated mountain bike clubs, are eligible to vote and thus have a say in shaping mountain biking in Western Australia. 

For those members unable to attend the meeting in person and wishing to vote, you may submit a proxy form which will be emailed out a week prior to the meeting.

WAMBA Constitution

Changes to the Associations Incorporated Act 1987, which WAMBA is incorporated under, came into effect on 1st July 2016. In lines with these changes, WAMBA's constitution has been reviewed and updated. A special motion to adopt the new constitution will be voted on at the AGM. Links to the relevant documents are below:


Which school will be crowned the best mountain biking school in WA?

In collaboration with WAMBA, WestCycle and Mountain Bike Australia (MTBA), Rock and Roll Mountain Biking and Perth Mountain Bike Club are pleased to host the second year of the Western Australia State School Boys and Girls Mountain Bike Championships - Friday 1st September at The Goad Farm Mountain Bike Park, Midland.

Will last year's winners Carmel College retain the title, will Mazenod College (2nd) or Mandurah Catholic College (3rd) move up the ladder, or will it be a regional school to take the honours?

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