resistivity of rocks and minerals


Electrical resistivity of geologic materials

In this chapter electrical properties of geologic materials are discussed separately for metallic minerals, rocks, soils, and electrolytes (ground fluids). What is resistivity? Electrical conductivity (or resistivity) is a bulk property of material describing how well that material allows electric currents to flow through it.

Electrical Properties of Rocks and Minerals

286 Electrical properties of rocks and minerals where + is the fractional pore volume (porosity), S is the fraction of the pores containing water, pw is the resistivity of water, n = 2, and a, rn are con- stants, 0.5 I a I 2.5, 1.3 I rn I 2.5.For example,

4.4 Electrical conductivity of minerals and rocks

4.4 Electrical conductivity of minerals and rocks Electronic conduction in metallic minerals and graphite Ionic conduction in the pore fluid Frequency dependent resistivity, Induced Polarization (IP) The soils, unconsolidated sediments, and rocks of the crust of the Earth are

Electrical Properties of Rocks and Minerals | Handbook of

ELECTRICAL RESISTIVITY (1) Electrolytic conductors.—The electrical conductivity of rocks and soils in place is generally due almost entirely to the moisture content.With some exceptions, the solid minerals which constitute the rock or soil are good insulators. Thus, the conductivity is not an essential property of the rock or rock type; it depends not only upon the capacity of the rock to

Electrical resistivity of minerals and rocks at high

The dependence of resistivity of different groups of rocks on their mineral and chemical composition and on their structure under conditions of high temperature and pressure is analyzed. Finally, basic trends are indicated of interest for geophysics and for the use of experimental data on electrical properties of minerals.

Typical Values for Rocks — Electromagnetic Geophysics

Typical Values for Rocks ... Fig. 14 Electrical conductivity and resistivity of common rocks. ... To demonstrate this, the conductivities and resistivities of water and certain rock forming minerals are provided. Fig. 15 Various conductivity values for different materials.

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resistivity of rocks and minerals