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Graphite Plates in Grades BG03 and J3L | Becker Graphite

BG03 Graphite BG03 is a .030 extruded. Plates may be used for cathodes, anodes, turntable plates, lubrication blocks and furnace blocks. J3L Graphite J3L is a course grain extruded. Plates may be used to dam molten metal. Plates prevent burn-through when welding thin sections.

ISO-Molded Graphite | Mersen Graphite

Our high quality ISO-molded graphite manufacturing and services lead the industry. We are capable of manufacturing billets up to 60 inches square and Grade 2020 with sizes up to 12”x40”x80,” the industry’s largest size of ISO-molded graphite material. From large to small scale needs, we have the quality graphite to meet your needs.

Extruded Graphite - GraphiMaterials

Extruded graphite grain size is about 10 larger than Iso-graphite. It is more economical to produce and is used in many applications including electrodes for use in electric arc steel production. Skip to 2:10 on this video to see extrusion and the full process of making an electrode grade billet of extruded graphite.

Graphite Inventory Graphite Products Corp. is a full service machine shop with availability to all types of graphite used in this industry. Here is a list of some common grades.

MERSEN | Carbon carbon composite grades

CC composite for high temperature furnace and friction components Mersen has developed a wide range of Carbon/Carbon composite structures in response to the various types of carbon tissues or fibres, and joining methods: 3D or 2.5D composite materials joined by needling 2D composite materials joined with a resin

Graphite Grades - Properties of Graphite Materials

Typically when discussing a course grain graphite we are talking about an extruded graphite electrode. Individual particle size of this graphite grade of material will range from 0.040'' up to 1/4''+ and have a large amount of porosity in the material. This course grain material is an excellent material for the manufacture of graphite crucibles

Extruded Graphite | Mersen Graphite

Our extruded graphite is cost-effective, has excellent thermal shock resistance, and a low electrical resistivity. It is used around the world for applications including furnace fixtures and linings, heating elements, and run-out tables. We offer a wide variety of graphite grades and machined graphite parts.

Extruded Graphite (Grade AS-CX) - Ameri Source Engineering

We manufacture a wide range of Grade AS-CX Extruded Graphite as per the defined industry standards. These are acknowledged for high density and good mechanical properties. We offer our range of Extruded Graphite in different specifications and also in customized modes.

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grade ascx extruded graphite