types of factory layout and their merits


Advantages and Disadvantages of Process or Functional

Advantages of Process Layout. The chief advantages of the process or functional layout may be stated briefly as follows (i) Flexibility. It is more flexible as changes in operations and their order can usually be made without upsetting the existing layout. (ii) Scope of expansion. Under such layout, the capacities of the different lines can be

Important Types of of Plant Layout (with advantages and

ADVERTISEMENTS: Some of the important types of plant layout are: A. Product or line layout, B. Process or functional layout, C. Layout by stationary material! (A) Product or Line Layout: Product or Line Layout is the arrangement of machines in a line (not always straight) or a sequence in which they would be used in […]

Types of Plant Layout and Advantages - Management Guru

This type of layout is generally used in systems where a product has to be manufactured or assembled in large quantities. In product layout the machinery and auxiliary services are located according to the processing sequence of the product without any buffer storage within the line itself. Plant Layout of Coca-Cola: Product Layout Advantages:

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Product Layout | Suitability | Advantages | Disadvantages

Product layout is suitable for manufacturing units which carry out continuous production. Suitability of product layout, its advantages & disadvantages are briefly explained.

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Four Main Types of Plant Layout. Article shared by: ... Advantages of Process Layout: (i) There will be less duplication of machines. Thus, total investment in equipment purchase will be reduced. ... Flexibility is a very important factory, so layout should be such which can be molded according to the requirements of industry, without much

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5 Main Types of Plant Layout | Industries

Type # 4. Combination Layout: A combination of process and product layouts combines the advantages of the both types of layouts. Moreover, these days pure product or process layouts are rare. Most of the manufacturing sections are arranged in process layout with manufacturing lines occurring here and there (scattered) wherever the conditions

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types of factory layout and their merits