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Can i use "Play Sand" as the base of my hamster cage

Can i use "Play Sand" as the base of my hamster cage.? Nova is a roborovski hamster and i was wondering if sand is too sharp for his eyes. Answer Save. 14 Answers. Relevance. Kaj. 1 decade ago. ... Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Join. Trending questions. Trending questions.

what is a sand culture? | Yahoo Answers

Sand culture is a method of cultivation of plants using sand as rooting / supporting medium. It is a type of hyderoponics ( soil less cultivation of plants ) In sand culture sand particles are used for support to the plant , instead of soil . The sand requires sterilization to kill pathogens . Sand is NOT a source of nutrients to the plants .

What type of sand? - Hamsters? | Yahoo Answers

most people use Chinchilla sand, some people use play sand, I use premium choice scoopable cat litter, unscented (the only cat litter I'd reccomend, this stuff is just very small particles of clay, other cat litters dont work) You want to stay away from Chinchilla DUST and from scented sand, both can damage thier respiratory system.

what is the density of sand? | Yahoo Answers

David H is right but it is even more complicated. Even with a given type of sand, the bulk density (how much mass fits into a given volume when you simply pour it in) depends on a lot of things including the particle size distribution, the shape of the particles, and how dry the sand is.

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The German 6th army had the most valiant troops of any army in that war. They were encircled in November '42 , this meant that the German armies in the Caucasus were in great danger of being cut off and this meant an almost immediate defeat of Germany..

Secret of Evermore - FAQ/Walkthrough - Super Nintendo - By

*There is a hidden swirling whirpool right outside of the side dooor in Nobila. If you stand there and spin (healing as necessary) for long enough, you will eventually be sucked down under the sand and it will say "Received Rice and Spice". You will resurface much like you did in the Bugmuck from the sand.

What is that toy called? | Yahoo Answers

It is a blow up ball that has like a sand bag glued on the inside of the ball on the bottom. When you throw it, it throws all irregular and goofy. Trying to buy one for my nephew but I can't think of what it's called.

Sonic Adventure - Glitches FAQ - Dreamcast - By RattleMan

Now, if you think you don't understand something in here, I can answer any thing you do not understand. Please abide by this & no trouble should arise. If you need to contact the author of this guide for any reason(s), which concerns this guide, please email me at [email protected] .

Mega Man Zero Collection - FAQ/Walkthrough - DS - By W

Continue going left until you see another downward slope. This time, the slope is moving, pulling you in to the traps. Destroy the traps with your Z Saber and watch out for the machine that is causing the sand to move. Destroy that and the sand will stop moving. Continue left until you see some ruins.

Final Fantasy V - FAQ/Walkthrough - PlayStation - By

Galuf also mentions of a town called Kelb, the werewolf town. As the party is about to leave the guards at the gate are worried about the king and they ask a simple yes and no question. Answer yes and continue on and also make sure to pick up the treasure chest in the castle to recieve an ANGELGOWN before you go.

Super Robot Taisen Alpha - Victory Conditions Guide

Faq for Super Robot Wars Alpha for the Sony Playstation Console by Blackjoker <[email protected]> *Feel free to contact me if i have made any errors or if you know something about this game that millions of people would want to know.

LEGO City Undercover - FAQ/Walkthrough - Nintendo Switch

The first tree is found in a yellow bucket at the north end. The second tree is in a red shipping crate further south. The sand castle is found among two wooden pallets, while the lifeguard station is in a brown wooden crate. Harbor Worker - Build the Disguise Booth. Hazmat Guy - This is found on top of the Super Build: Auburn Chimney.

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