iron ore and iron ore concentrates


Rastini Mine Iron Ore (secret?) - Legacy of Ys: Books I

Rastini Mine Iron Ore (secret?) User Info: IcarusRisen. IcarusRisen 10 years ago #1. Hey, I searched and I wasn't able to find any posts about this, so I thought I'd let everyone know that you can go back and get the iron ore hidden in the Rastini Mines(in Book II) a second time, after you sell the first one.

LVL 100 Smithing glitch? - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Just north of whiterun is a place called Halted Stream Camp that has alot of iron nodes in it to mine. Theres a smelter at the smithing stuff in Whiterun. Looks like a big round furnace. Plus the lady and the guy in the building both sell around 20 iron ingots each. If they dont have any just wait 24hrs.

Refining Ore/wonderfull trick (tested) - Harvest Moon

Example probability of Iron: junk x junk Junk x iron or iron x junk (same) iron x iron So, your probability is 2/3 (66,67%) that you'll receive iron. For wonderfulls, my theory work with wonderfulls has three kinds like orange wonderfulls (glass,topaz and amber). You'll receive better result if you split them each slot two wonderfulls.

looking for iron ore - Sword Art Online: Hollow

looking for iron ore; User Info: SomaMaxwell. SomaMaxwell 3 years ago #1. I have silver and platinum but I haven't found any iron. It is needed to upgrade a lot of stuff but I can't find any, well anywhere. Thanks in advance. Its hard being a mom! User Info: the_hunter_gta.

Where can I find a Iron Ore? - Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels

Warp to Poth Llaffan and head Northeast. You should end up in a large dirt patch. Iron ore spawns in the northeast corner of that patch. There is also a spawn point southwest of the Quarantomb (nw of Coffinwell) along the southern edge of the mountains.

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iron ore and iron ore concentrates