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U.S. disputes Iraqi claims on ISIS-infested Fallujah - CBS

Fighting ISIS 34 photos. BAGHDAD - Only a third of Fallujah has been "cleared" of Islamic State of Iraq an Syria militants, the U.S.-led coalition said Tuesday, days after the Iraqi government

Did We Mate Or Murder Neanderthals? - CBS News

Did We Mate Or Murder Neanderthals? January ... is a bamboo rod attached to a sharpened stone, modeled after the killing tools wielded by early modern humans some 50,000 years ago, when they

The Cleantech Crash - CBS News

The Cleantech Crash. ... KiOR is still in the red, and the manufacturing is so complex, it is riddled with delays. ... But if you view this as a step stone to the future, when you get there, when

Worried about trees? You can take notes on stone paper

Test-driving Karst Stone Paper. Stephen Shankland/CNET The paper itself feels a bit smoother than conventional paper since it's made of tiny particles and not a rougher matting of plant fibers.

Meet the man behind "Beyond Meat" plant-based protein

When Ethan Brown founded Beyond Meat five years ago, his concept was to bring plant-based products that replicated meat to the masses. In March's issue of Fast Company magazine, Beyond Meat is

Daimajin - Giant movie monsters - Pictures - CBS News

A meteorite triggers a massive expansion of giant stone columns which pierce the sky, shatter, and multiply, crushing buildings and turning people into petrified stone, in "The Monolith Monsters

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stone crassur plant manufacturar