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Surround WP, Kaolin Clay | OMRI Listed Crop Protectant

Kaolin clay is highly recommended for use on apple, citrus and pear trees, wine grapes, walnut trees, cucumber and tomato plants. In addition to the effects Kaolin clay has on insect pests, it also helps prevent fungal spores from propagating and establishing themselves on the plant foliage.

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Kaolin Clay is a completely organic substance, it is in fact a finely ground clay powder. When mixed with water, Kaolin Clay can be sprayed on plants to coat them in this powder, which (with an effectiveness that surprised me) confuses pests, who confusedly find that instead of a tasty eggplant leaf, they’ve landed on a weird clay bush.

Tips On Kaolin Clay For Garden Insect Control

The 2005 researchers found that the use of kaolin clay actually reduced the amount of fruit produced and the weight of that fruit. In 2006, they found the kaolin clay had no significant effect on the weight and number of fruit when comparing the output of the kaolin treated plants with the untreated plants in the control group.

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Surround WP Kaolin Clay - Green Earth Ag and Turf

Surround WP Kaolin Clay protects plants in three ways, promoting higher yields and more high-value fruits and vegetables. First, the calcined kaolin particle surround-kaolin-clay-sds surround-kaolin-clay-application-sheet surround-kaolin-clay-label surround-kaolin-clay-info-sheet film of Surround protects fruit against direct sunburn and heat stress damage.

Kaolin Clay - Dirt Doctor

Derived from Kaolin clay, a natural mineral, Surround forms a barrier film that acts as a broad spectrum crop protection. It works to control insect pests and disease while protecting against sunburn and heat stress. The kaolin clay coats the plants with a white powder film that acts in several ways to deter pests.

Kaolin Clay Insect Control - Using Kaolin Clay On Fruit

Kaolin clay in the garden can be used up to the day of harvest. The following information will help with mixing Kaolin clay for plants (or follow manufacturer’s instructions): Mix 1 quart of Kaolin clay (Surround) and 1 tablespoon liquid soap with 2 gallons of water. Reapply Kaolin clay for plants every 7 to 21 days for at least four weeks.

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buy kaolin crushing processing plant in brazil